Chapter 10.1 - Point Sources

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In 2017, Germany did provide data on point sources under the LRTAP convention for the first time. Since additional information, for example on stack heights, is not available at the federal level, the German submission presents a mere copy of the ePRTR data available on both national and European websites. The existing point source data has been re-formatted to fit the CLRTAP reporting template and augmented with some derived information on sector membership and assumed stack heights.


GNFR membership and stack height class have been added according to the following table:

Activity code from ePRTR GNFR Stack height class
1.a B_Industry 4
1.c A_PublicPower 5
1.d B_Industry 5
1.f B_Industry 4
2.b B_Industry 5
2.c.i B_Industry 5
2.d B_Industry 5
2.e B_Industry 4
2.e.i B_Industry 3
2.e.ii B_Industry 3
2.f B_Industry 2
3.a B_Industry 1
3.c B_Industry 4
3.c.i B_Industry 4
3.c.ii B_Industry 3
3.c.iii B_Industry 3
3.e B_Industry 2
3.f B_Industry 2
3.g B_Industry 2
4.a B_Industry 3
4.a.i B_Industry 3
4.a.ii B_Industry 3
4.a.iv B_Industry 3 B_Industry 3
4.a.viii B_Industry 3
4.a.x B_Industry 3
4.b B_Industry 3
4.b.i B_Industry 3
4.b.ii B_Industry 3
4.b.iii B_Industry 3
4.b.iv B_Industry 3
4.b.v B_Industry 3
4.c B_Industry 3
5.a J_Waste 4
5.b A_PublicPower 5
5.c J_Waste 4
5.e J_Waste 4
6.a B_Industry 3
6.b B_Industry 3
7.a L_AgriOther 1
7.a.i L_AgriOther 1
7.a.ii L_AgriOther 1
7.a.iii L_AgriOther 1
8.b B_Industry 1
8.b.ii B_Industry 1
9.c E_Solvents 1
9.d B_Industry 2
9.e E_Solvents 1

Point source coordinates have been translated using and carefully checked to be accurate.


1156 point sources are now listed as the German LPS submission 2017 with GNFR membership and stack height class information augmented. The screen shot below, taken from, gives an idea of the spatial distribution:


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