2.B - Chemical Industry

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Source category 2.B is divided into sub-categories 2.B.1 to 2.B.10. These include Ammonia Production (2.B.1), Nitric Acid Production (2.B.2), Adipic Acid Production (2.B.3), Carbide Production (2.B.5), Titanium dioxide Production (2.B.6) and Soda Ash Production (2.B.7). Sub-category Other (2.B.10) is divided in Chemical Industry: Other (2.B.10.a) and in Storage, Handling and Transport of Chemical Products (2.B.10.b). 2.B.10.a includes the production of fertilisers, organic products, carbon black and sulphuric acid and the chlor alkali industry.

NFR-Code Name of category reported Pollutants Method AD EF Key Category 1
2.B Chemical Industry T2/T3 NS, PS CS,PS,D see sub-categories
consisting of / including source categories
2.B.1 Ammonia Production NOx, NH3 T2 PS D -
2.B.2 Nitric Acid Production NOx T2 PS D L/T: NOx
2.B.3 Adipic Acid Production NOx, CO T3 PS C -
2.B.5 Carbide Production TSP, PM10, PM2.5 T3 PS PS -
2.B.6 Titanium Dioxide Production SOx T3
2.B.7 Soda Ash Production TSP, NH3 T1 NS C (confidential) -
2.B.10.a Chemical Industry: Other NMVOC, SOx, NH3, TSP, PM10, PM2,5, CO, PCDD/PCDF, Hg T2, T3(Hg) NS, PS(Hg) CS,D L: SOx, Hg
2.B.10.b Storage and Handling of Chemical Products IE
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