2.B.3 - Adipic Acid Production

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Short description

NFR-Code Name of Category Method AD EF Key Category 1
2.B.3 Adipic Acid Production T3 PS C No key category

In NFR 2.B.3, NOx and CO emissions from the production of adipic acid are reported. As there are only three producers of adipic acid data provided by them has to be treated as confidential. Therefore only CO and NOx emissions could be reported.


As this source category is a key category for N2O, plant specific activity data are applied here according to the IPCC guidelines. These data are made available basically via a co-operation agreement with the adipic acid producers.
A single data Collection of plant specific NOx and CO emissions and related emission factors of one year (2016) was sufficent as the emissions are below the threshold of significance. The emission factors are applied to the whole time series for every plant.


No recalculation activities were necessary.

Planned improvements

No category-specific improvements are planned.

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