2.A - Mineral Industry - Overview

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The Mineral Industry comprises six different sub-categories partly divergent to reporting format of Greenhouse Gases (CRF).

The main categories are the Cement Production (2.A.1), Lime Production (2.A.2), Glass Production (2.A.3).

But further mineral industries are important regarding other specific emissions, highlighted here: Mining other than coal (2.A.5.a), Construction (2.A.5.b) and Ceramics Production (2.A.6).

NFR-Code Name of Category Method AD EF Key Category
2.A.1 Cement Production T1 AS CS L: Hg
2.A.2 Lime Production T1 AS CS beyond the 80% level for all
2.A.3 Glass Production T2 AS CS T: SOx
2.A.5.a Mining - Other than Coal T1 NS D L & T: TSP, PM10 | L: PM2.5
2.A.5.b Construction and Demolition T1 NS CS L & T: TSP | L & T: PM10
2.A.6 Ceramics Production T1 NS CS L: TSP

T1 = Tier 1 in relation to EF / T2 = Tier 2 in relation to EF

Discussion of emission trends

The steep reduction especially for TSP and SO2 at the beginning of the 1990s was due especially to closures in the eastern German industrial sector. The source for emissions data of year 1990 for eastern Germany is in cases of TSP and SO2 the last statistic of the GDR, not an old emission factor for the calculation.

Rising emissions of particulate matters in the last years are a result of high amount of roads reconstructions.

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